We all enter the tavern at different times and thought about eating Olives giant bunny we went to the market Erez and Chuk went to a old map maker they get two maps after the man offered that they hand over two gold coins to look through the pile of maps then Erez then  kills the map maker and the gards try to catch them mean while Olive was  getting lots of looks and then bribed the gards five gold not to kill Erez then she attemps to steal for produce from the market and has to bribe the gards again (five gold) to get out of being captured as all this is happening Chuk is pushing his way to the cavern while yelling “SORRY OUT OF THE WAY” and other such things as Xander is looking for items of magical power and at some point was able to be led to the back of a dark musty store and got a poison potion while Saylor was curled up in a ball trying not to be killed and Iphy was looking around at some point we all got back to the cavern Saylor sat huddled up outside the cavern after trying to get on the cavern roof with Erez Olive Chuk and the two maps while on the groung Olives giant bunny Charls nibbled Saylor’s ear and found that she was not a plant (Olive didn’t notice…?) before all of this Olive and Iphy tried to kill a very dumb bird and Iphy tried to kill it with bad music witch failed sadly and Olive tried to kill the bird with a spear and also failed some how and Olive had found  something that might be leading to what the old man at the tavern said before (that’s why they all had to go to the tavern because they all had heard an offer to good to be true much gold Xander  Erez and  Chuk went to the place Olive had told them about and had to hide once then got inside told the person who was talking to them about their map and the random island and the person cursed and told then that there is an island that might be able to go to any goveners island and then me and iphy  Olive and Erez are band from the market Olive gave Iphy money so we can bey stuff we bought five bread five meat and I got discounts because I got talking skillz aso Chuk got in a battle with a very stong thif and lost a hit point but killed her and that’s it SPELLING DONT MATTER HERE SO SHHHHHHH

ta first week of skool (yes I know how to spell…)

I watch spoopy stuff with GG and Sevini today, and as of now there is no rule on eating in “non eating rooms” so we had snacks and watched top ten SCPS. So I saw a weird one where if you look at it or draw it it will cover it’s face screaming and will kill whom ever and drawn or seen it, and one that if you enter the room with it you can’t blink or this random sculpture won’t rest till you are rotting in hell. I also joined Dungeons and Dragons for the the third time now I believe.

Fun week, its currently raining- oh and me and GG went looked for pokemon yesterday. So thats my week